Convenient and Stylish Dining Options for San Diego, CA, Visitors

No Beach House Getaway would be complete without the perfect place to eat, and this one has a full kitchen! Anyone staying here can easily cook and dine in style with a kitchen full of everything you need to make a hearty meal, including a microwave to warm up any leftovers. The best dining options in San Diego, CA, let you take full advantage of the year-round sunshine. To that end, this house proudly features beautiful setups for both indoor and outdoor eating. You can enjoy some sun and fun with friends out on the private deck with tables, chairs, and umbrellas or take it inside to the breakfast nook.

When you're ready to venture out and sample the local cuisine, the Beach House Getaway's convenient location makes that a breeze. Pizza and Mexican places are only a few steps away, according to our Step-O-Meter, with plenty of other restaurants and bars not much further than that. San Diego offers every kind of food and drink you could want, with some of the freshest seafood you'll ever have. Enjoy the atmosphere or bring it all back to your summer vacation rental for a picnic on the beach.

Well Equipped Kitchen

Delightful Breakfast Nook

Outdoor Dining & Private Sun Deck