The Step-O-Meter is your guide to how close you are to stuff.
(web-master note: I am 6'2" and was taking brisk steps - your steps may vary.)
If you want to go to movies, La Jolla or downtown 
you need to take the Route 34, Route 27 buses; The SD Trolley
or rent a car.  If you just want to hang out at the beach,
you don't need a car.

Destination # of Steps
(note: includes 19 steps to Front Gate)
Front Gate 19 
Bay Front Sand 79
Ocean Front Sand 196
Pizza 145
Mexican Food 135
Restaurants & Bars 136-165
Mission Bay Park Lost Count (1/2 mile-ish)
Belmont Park Amusements Lost Count (1/2 mile-ish)
(you'll have a washer & dryer;
 this is if you want do all your 
stuff before you go home)
Bike Rentals Lost Count (1-3 mile-ish)